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"We offer wide range of cctv camera"

BTS Automations is one of the best CCTV camera installation companies in Thrissur. Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) installation, testing and commissioning is our main security provision service. We offer you the best of everything.

CCTV Camera for home, Offices & Vehicals

.Professional quality surveillance through premium quality equipment
.Experienced technical team to implement the security plan to perfection and to provide annual maintenance
.Skilled software engineers who tweak the software according to your preferences
.Active support team to provide online or telephonic assistance.

Residential & Commercial

Yur security camera systems be installed in residential, industrial and commercial areas to keep your loved ones and assets safe. Through them, you can catch criminals and monitor activities of your family members, domestic staff or employees. Presence of CCTV systems can prevent theft and other crimes. You can also gather evidence against offenders and maintain records.

Building Hotels & Malls Warehouses

CCTV cameras are especially important in hotels, malls and warehouses. They provide an eye for you in nooks and corners where it is physically impossible to be present for monitoring purposes at all times. Security cameras give your hotel and mall customers a precious sense of security and keeps your belongings safe in warehouses.

School / Colleges

Our top-notch security cameras, recorders, and components can easily be installed in busses and cars. They help you keep an eye on customers or household staff and family members so that any undesirable incident may be avoided. This way, you can ensure the security of your loved ones even when they are on the go.