Gate Automation Solutions Thrissur

Gate automation systems App: smart tools for control

BTS Automations have been designed to give the best in terms of quality, performance and safety. All our products comply with the European safety standards and are made of materials that guarantee high performance and durability over time. In addition they have a design that enhances product aesthetics and a precise and reliable operation.
Battery operated remote controlled automatic gate motor! Do you want to open and close your gate at the touch of a button? While staying inside the comfort of your home or in your car, just gently push the button on the remote – your gate is opened! The gate closes automatically once the person or vehicle gets in or out. Make your home safe and secure! Prevent unauthorized entry! Add some comfort into your life style!
Open up your gate for your visitor even if you are in the bedroom, kitchen, or upstairs- with just the push of button in your hand! Why waste your valuable time running down the stairs to open up your gate!
Preparing the gate motor with the Wi-Fi connection module and thanks to the By-gate app, you can manage the gate at any time, from anywhere, and immediately: directly from your smartphone. Just one gesture to open, close, stop the gate remotely, from anywhere and at any time.
We have expanded our range of products to ensure we offer the best selection of products, at the best prices.