Solar Power Solutions Thrissur


When you are thinking about a Solar system, your primary objective will be reducing the electricity bills and at the same time escapes from the frequent power disruption in Kerala. Rising electricity prices are increasing the desire amongst more and more people to become as energy self-sufficient as possible.
This Scenario was applicable for existing solar system users and for customers who are just beginning to think themselves with the topic of generating electricity on their own roof. We have perfect solutions to reduce your energy consumption from the Grid to Zero. BTS Automation Offer intelligent and pioneering Solar system solution in Kerala, Thrissur and it can integrate into the house grid without building work. As a Leading Solar Company in Thrissur , Kerala we have several Solar Energy Solution for every power requirement. Our Solar Energy Systems can easily expandable with solar panels and parallel solar inverters.
The priority is always solar panel generated electricity. During the night when solar energy is not generating the system uses the stored energy in solar batteries. Once all the power has been drained from the batteries power is drawn from the public grid. Our Solar System solutions are designed to handle all these events completely independent without any external actions. This ensures that the internally created solar power utilized maximum and result in more savings on the electricity bill. Our Solar System solutions offering in Thrissur -Kerala , entirely based on high efficient transformer-less Solar Inverters and High-Quality Solar Panels. The Technologically Advanced Solar Systems can take maximum out of the Solar Panels and save a lot of money in Electricity Bill.
We have expanded our range of products to ensure we offer the best selection of products, at the best prices.