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Bullet cameras are named for their distinct cylindrical shape, resembling a bullet. These cameras act as a visible deterrent and research has shown that the presence of bullet cameras makes a property less desirable to a criminal. These security cameras operate both indoors and outdoors and have features such as a small lip on the tip of the lens to protect against any glare or other weather. Below are the main advantages of installing a bullet camera.

Long-range vision

Bullet camera range is much longer than other cameras which positions them as ideal options for large areas such as parking lots or backyards. Their field of view is fairly narrow, yet the shape of the camera allows for a larger lens on the bullet camera than a dome camera. Long-distance viewing is the bullet cameras main strength. The camera’s narrow viewing angle allows the camera to see clearly at farther distances, similar to how a pair of binoculars work. Often, the cameras are good at capturing clear images of people and license plates at great distances, making it easy for someone to identify such things if they look back through the footage.

Easy Installation

The bullet camera requires a simple wall mount and is much easier to install than a dome camera. The easy installation ensures the camera lasts a while because the process is difficult to do wrong. Some people forget to tighten the glass on the dome cameras which results in moisture getting inside, something that is not an issue with bullet cameras.