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Wireless security cameras from CCTV Camera World are professional grade surveillance cameras that require only power for the camera to operate, and transmit video wirelessly back to the recorder. Our wireless cameras outperform home consumer grade wireless products in terms of reliability and signal quality. They are ideal for long distance outdoor monitoring, especially in applications where it is difficult or expensive to run a video wire.
The best Wireless CCTV system for home, business, private and public security. All cameras featuring up to 300 Metre WI-FI connection range, when no obstacles obscure connection. No more needing to layout data cables around your home to your network. Systems also have night vision, waterproof, vandal-proof and motion detection as a standard feature. Remote mobile access is enabled on all of the wireless security cameras that you find on our site.
All-in-One Wireless NVR made installation simple and easy through plug & play feature and 12” surveillance monitor, units. All-in-One support up to 5MP resolutions, H.265+ video compression and WIFI range of up to 300m. Reliability, Stability, and Ease of use wireless security cameras.

Wireless NVR

Wireless NVR can receive signal from Wireless CCTV Cameras up to 300 metres and comes with 2 strong built-in antennas. Wireless NVR comes with a built-in WIFI board compatible with uo tp 5MP Wireless CCTV Cameras. All-in-One Wireless NVR comes with a 12" monitor, which offers maximum reliability. EZVIZ Wireless NVR automatically detect Wireless CCTV cameras which allow you to place NVR anywhere in the house.